“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” – Walt Disney

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Work Life Balance

I am a believer in work-life balance, it makes you a better person and a better creative. Some of my favorite things include rugby, paddle boarding, running 5-10ks (the ones that give you hardware bling for finishing), and random road trips. Go explore the world around you.

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My blog holds a very diverse range of topics ranging from professional to personal. Welcome into my world.

  • Leroy-ism

    Live in the moment.

    There’s no reason to think about anything but the present. Go chase the ball, eat some kibble or go for a walk. Yes, yes, can we go for a walk. . . where’s my leash?!

  • Leroy-ism

    Enjoy the Journey.

    I like to Stick my head out the window, sniff the air and feel the wind in my fur. While this is a literal interpretation of enjoying the ride, remember to not take things too serious. Stop and look around on this long journey of life. Now let’s go in the car, where’s my leash?!

  • Leroy-ism

    Play every day.

    I love to play. Doesn’t matter what it is, running, fetch etc. Take a break from hooman work and let’s get some exercise in. Use me as your excuse. I need to go outside, like now. Where’s my leash?!


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