After seeing the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, I knew I wanted to do something bigger than just texting to donate. I wanted to create something where people could put their money towards something and see a result. When you purchase from the Do Good Collection 100% of the profits will go to that months designated charity. When you stand by yourself things can feel impossible, but as the small things add up and people come together anything is possible.

The goal of the Do Good Collection is just that, to do good. We will be working with charities that benefit a wide variety of people, animals, places and things. We will also be opening an application form for charities to apply to be one of my monthly charities. I encourage you to come back often to not only see the new additions to the collection, but also see the good that has been done.



Once someone purchases a print, their name will be added to our Wall of Good below with the charity supported. The goal is for the wall to be a living thing constantly growing and having more and more names added. It may start with just a few names, but when we come together, we can help the world.